Ceiling Projector Installation

  • Our Projector installation package includes a full outline of the installation of procedure.
  • We open and unpack all cartons to remove your projector.
  • We mount your projector in the best possible location on the ceiling, and ensure that it is securely fixed.
  • All cables and wiring from your projector is concealed in the walls.
  • Your Projector is connected to 3 components.
  • We connect the audio receiver, and program the remote control.
  • We also provide full training on the operation of your projector.
  • Before we leave,all packing and debris is removed from your premises.
  • The package does not include installation of the projector screen,it can be done for an additional $150.
  • The approximate time needed to complete the installation is 4 to 6 hrs.
1-866-251-5749 Only Available in Los Angeles & Orange County California